The National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) will be running two workshops at the Event Production Show next week, as part of its newly launched RESPECT campaign, to support wider education, awareness and understanding around physical and sexual abuse at major events.

The workshops will take place at 2pm on both days of the show, (25th and 26th February) and hosted on the NOEA pavilion. The sessions will be open to both NOEA and non-NOEA members and will be run in partnership with the government’s Equalities & Human Rights Commission, as well as feature senior trainers and leaders in the outdoor events community. The sessions will be presented in a workshop format and are aimed at any event professional working in production, security, safety and crowd management.

NOEA launched the RESPECT campaign last year at its annual conference, with the aim of encouraging better treatment of staff, volunteers and attendees of events. The campaign includes a Respect Charter that events-based organisations can sign up to with the aim of events businesses demonstrating a zero-tolerance approach to harassment of any kind while at an event.

As part of the campaign, NOEA has developed an open source slogan for use by any organisation looking to sign up to the charter, as a sign to all attendees, staff and contractors that the event and event contractors will not tolerate harassment of any kind.