NOEA Values and Goals


We help make events happen.

  • NOEA is an association to be proud of in an industry loved by everyone. Everywhere.
  • Because of us the best outdoor event professionals share knowledge and best practice. We overcome obstacles as a community.
  • Because of our members events happen safely, securely and with excellence.
  • Because of us and our members great events have a secure and stable future.

Vision (10 year)

  • We aim to continue to be the UK’s leading trade association for the outdoor events industry.
  • We want to work more closely with our existing members, and build a wider trust so more event professionals desire to be a NOEA member.
  • We want to encourage and champion diversity, progress and best practice in the events industry.
  • We want to be the go-to place for help, advice, and to be seen as the figurehead of the industry, working closely with the industry as well as informing government policy

Mission (5 year)

  • Following a programme of repositioning and rebranding NOEA will build trust in the industry through a series of trend-led campaigns. Through these we will tackle key issues for our members and use our influence to affect change in either policy, legislation or best practice.
  • We will emphasise all that is good in the industry. We will champion diversity through case studies and give speakers the opportunity to provide a platform to encourage all people into the outdoor events industry.
  • We will build a council that is fit for the future, providing a solid knowledge base with the expertise and experience necessary to provide support to our members. We will also build closer links with government.

Aims (1 year)

  • The use of a campaign to raise NOEA’s profile, and provide answers and solutions that will work. We will focus on key issues for our members and event organisers in general. Staff welfare and environmental sustainability are currently being examined.
  • Use NOEA’s annual convention and our platform at other trade shows to highlight under-represented parties in the events industry. We aim to champion key figures to encourage future events professionals from all backgrounds.
  • NOEA commits to examining how the council operates, and whether it is fit for the future.
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