The NOEA Convention and AGM Programme | 22 November 2023



Welcome from our MC, Carol Whitehead, The Zebra Partnership

  • MC: Carol Ann Whitehead, The Zebra Partnership


Welcome from the NOEA President, Tom Clements

  • Opening remarks and welcome


A Producer’s Story: What did we learn from New Years Lighting & Firework Display, The Queen’s Funeral, The King’s Coronation, COP and the G7?

  • Lindsay Neyjahr, Identity

New Year’s Eve 2023, London was one of the last cities in the world to strike midnight. When it did, the power, creativity and audacity of the display out shone everyone. The mixture of fireworks, lighting displays, music and drones was incredible. Lindsay was part of the team that produced the event. Here she shares insight into how she did it.


The Future of Sustainably in Action at Events

The world of event sustainability is moving fast. In this session we ask some of the leading minds behind event sustainability to share the new innovations they are seeing now, how the conversation is moving in 2024, and what innovations are changing the way events look after the planet.

  • Rick Bate, IoSH, Event Sustainability and Health & Safety Expert
  • Sarah Tew, We Group
  • Caroline Davis, Opus Arts Events
  • Special Insight and Q&A’s from the Students at Gloucester University
  • Simon Hughes, The Power of Events (MC)


The Next Generation of Event Technology: Real and Unreal

What are the technological advances that are set to change the event industry. What will be the role of AI, big data, hyper-personalisation and the Metaverse. How will we augment experiences, make them virtual, and how will this affect people?

Looking at everything web 5.0, this is a fun and interesting exploration into the unknown.

  • Andrew Lansley, Event Technologist
  • Interviewed by Alistair Turner, EI8HT PR & Marketing


Comfort Break


What’s New in Catering

Our friends at NCASS present some of the major innovations and creativity being showcased in event catering right now. At the same time they provide tips on how you can manage your food experience to underline your complete event experience.

  • Fiona West – NCASS Environmental Health Specialist
  • Marc Rowson – LPG Gas Safety Specialist
  • Lulu Cowley, Beau Nosh.
  • Nick Summers – NCASS, Managing Director


THE SAG Live! Revisited: Keeping People Safe

Live session; recreating the modern-day SAG.

NOEA revisits the informative and engaging session from last year, but opening the discussion up to specifically tackle ‘Keeping People Safe at Events’. Addressing existing guidance as well as forthcoming legislations such as Martyns Law, this session is run as a workshop between those sitting around the SAG table, and the audience seated around it!

  • Beverley Osborne, Training 4 Resilience LLP (MC)
  • Philip Day, Lacey’s Solicitors
  • Brendan Herbert, 2,000 Trees
  • Nicholas Battye, Gloucestershire Police
  • Chris Howes, Festival Medical
  • Christian Stensrud, Head of Events and Devolved Administration Engagement, Home Office


Lunch: Networking


When Your Audience Needs a Medic

New legislation will shortly be asking more questions of events and the medical provisions they provide for their audiences. So, how can event professionals prepare to meet these standards, and what does ‘good’ look like, when it comes to providing care and medical support for event attendees.

  • Chis Howes, Festival Medical
  • Carol Ann Whitehead


Ask Matt … and Mark …

After the massive success of last year’s session on ticketing and ticket sales, we invite Matt Evans from See Tickets back for a live Q&A with our audience. Matt will be joined by Mark Currie from the Royal Highland Show who will share some of the issues they faced, and how they addressed them together.

Matt Evans, See Tickets

Mark Currie, Commercial Director, Royal Highland Show

Carol Whitehead (MC)


The Brand Perspective: What do Brands Want from Eventproffs

What are the issues affecting consumer brands, how they approach events, what they need them to do, do for them, and do for the world.

Including commentary on DE&I, sustainability and returns on investments from live experience and sponsorship.

Karis Buckingham-Jones, Project Lead | Sport, Wasserman


The Final World

An industry stalwart looks to the future as they take a final bow from the industry!

  • ‘Mystery Speaker’ – just arrived on stage to speak, Phillip Day of Lacys Solicitors.


Thank you and Close

Thank you and reflections from the day

  • Carol Ann Whitehead

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