The NOEA Convention and AGM 2019

Who’s Looking After Who?’

  Tuesday 26th November
19.00 NOEA Futures: Welcome Dinner 

Formal dinner and informal discussions

Welcome address (tbc)

  Wednesday 27th November
09.00 AGM Registration and refreshments
09.15 NOEA AGM
President of NOEA
09.30 Convention Registration and refreshments
10.00 Welcome from NOEA
President of NOEA
10.05 Official Welcome and Opening Address
Master of Ceremonies, Peter Jack
10.15 The NOEA Keynote: Who am I responsible for?
Geoff Ellis

What goes wrong when you forget who you are responsible for, and when you don’t know who you are responsible for. Geoff Ellis, opens this year’s NOEA Convention & Awards with a keynote presentation on the responsibilities of the event organiser, to the many people that surround the event, from spectators, to staff; and how this has changed over the years, and where it is going in the future.

10.45 The X Factor – Who owns the last mile?

  • Becky Stevens, Hybred Evemts
  • Nick Morgan (Moderator)
  • Andrew Fraser
  •  Philip Day, Laceys Solicitors
  • Alysha Sargent, Head of Events, Leeds Castle

What is the last mile, what does it mean? Addressing new legislation, that puts into question who has the responsibility for the ‘last mile’ outside an event. Is this a positive thing for the industry? Senior leaders discuss the legislation, and what it means for the event, spectators and local stakeholders.

11.15 Break: Tea, Coffee Followed by Networking
11.30 Who Looks After the People Who Look after the People?

A Conversation with …

  • Jean Lenihan, ‘Festival Site Mum’, Black Deer Festival
  • Linda Krawecke, Tiger Tea
  • Penny Mellor
  • Keren Melanby, MIND (Chair)

Who looks after the people that look after your audience? Events is a tough business; long hours, stressful working conditions, and constantly changing demands. So, how do we look after event staff properly and responsibly.

12.00 Who am I responsible for when things go wrong

Roundtable Workshop

Bev Osborne

(Sponsored by A.C.T National Ltd)

NOEA welcomes back Bev Osborne who will once again lead a workshop on issues management; this time looking at how event organisers can handle their responsibilities to the many people and groups associated with an event. Do we know who is under our care, and what happens when we lose control.

13.30 Lunch & Networking & Supplier Clinics
14.30 Who Looks After the Next Generation of Professionals

  • Caroline Jackson
  • &
  • Al Turner

Events is a difficult and demanding job, demanding of talent, creativity, organisation and precision. But it’s also a stressful and time consuming career, so how are we preparing the next generation of event organisers for the world of events, for good and bad!

15.00 What Happens When You Lose Control? … and Gold Command takes over!
Alan Tungate, ACT (National) Ltd. Former, Met Police Public Order Command with responsibility for the Sporting Events in London

  • 15 mins Alan / 15 mins Q&A with Pete

How does it feel when events move beyond your control? How should event organisers plan for this, and how does it feel when it happens. A series of case studies that both remind us of our responsibilities, but also prepare us for when the police need to take control.

15.30 Who’s Coming: Working with Ticketing Data

Sponsored by See Tickets

  • Matt Evans, See Tickets
  • 15 mins Matt / 15 mins Q&A with Peter

Managing audiences is often about understanding who is coming, when they are coming, and in what numbers. A collaborative partnership with the ticket provider can support you, your security, health and safety, and also your vendors to manage the day better.

16.00 The Debate: The heart of the matter…

  • Alan Lyons, Show Manager Bath & West Show Ground
  • Chris Woodford, ACT National
  • Chair: Peter Jack

In a break from tradition, this year NOEA will host a no-holds-barred debate on stage taking in the themes of the day and challenging our thinking and our assumptions. Asking and answering the questions we’re scared to ask; this is a session that will get to the heart of the matter …

  • Who am I responsible for?
  • Who do I want to be responsible for?
  • Who should I responsible for?
  • Who won’t be responsible for?
  • do: Comments, points, and voting


16.45 Close: Tea Coffee & Networking

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