The NOEA Convention and AGM | 23 November 2022



Welcome from our MC, Carol Whitehead, The Zebra Partnership

  • MC: Carol Ann Whitehead, The Zebra Partnership


Welcome from the President of the National Outdoor Events Association

Tom shares his opinion and perspective of the last two years, and the following two to come. The
themes we’ll be taking on today.

  • Tom Clements, Specialized Security.
  • Interview with Carol Ann Whitehead, Zebra Partnership


The Brand Perspective

We kick off this year’s convention by hearing from one of the biggest brands in events sponsorship. We welcome David Akosim from Fuel, who look after the Pepsi activation at the Champions League Final. David also has experience working with the NFL in a social media capacity and will share his thoughts on how brands see the industry, their value, and what they need back from events.


The NOEA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Series

A special session on implementing DE&I initiatives across your event. How can you make your
events and businesses more inclusive, and how this will positively affect your business?

  • Carol Whitehead, The Zebra Partnership (MC)
  • La Toyah MacAllister Jones, St Pauls Carnival
  • Yasmin Galletti di Cadilhac, We are the Fair
  • Gabby Austen Browne, Diversity Alliance
  • David Akosim, Pepsi / Champions League


Comfort Break:



Live session; recreating the modern-day SAG. Review of the agendas of; Local Authorities, Public Health England, Police, the event organiser.

  • Bev Osborne, Training4Resilience (MC)
  • Philip Day, Lacey’s Solicitors
  • La Toyah MacAllister Jones, St Pauls Carnival
  • Paul Fullwood (Director of Inspections & Enforcement), Security Industry Authority
  • Linda Todd, Bath & Somerset Council
  • Chris Howes, Festival Medical
  • Laura Clarkson, Avon and Somerset Police


UK Events: Apprenticeships, Working Groups and Influence

  • Nick Morgan, We Are the Fair
  • Chris Skeith, UK Events
  • Caroline Jackson, UK Events
  • Rick Bate, Formula E


Lunch: Opportunity show video ‘adverts’ or branding of sponsors


Digitising the Audience Experience:

How can we use technology to make the audience experience easier, safer and more dynamic? We
welcome our partners See to bring to life how event organisers can become more commercially
successful, while making audiences happy pre, during and post event.

  • Matt Evans, See Tickets


Ethics & Values in Events

How can events build stronger, more ethical communities around their events and within their
teams? Discussing sustainability, wellbeing and building professional careers for event

  • Carol Whitehead (MC)
  • Iona Nielsen, Formula E
  • Rick Bate, E Bike Grand Prix
  • Bev & Sarah Milner Simonds, EAT Festivals


Protecting Smaller Events

We always talk about the big ones, but it is the smaller events that often need the support. In this
discussion, we look to understand the issues that face smaller event organisers, from resource to
finance, working with public authorities, to local communities.

  • Carol Whitehead (MC)
  • Gill Tee, Black Deer Festival
  • Liz Madden, No Nonsense Group
  • Jim Davey, Redwood Events
  • Denis Dooley, New Forest Agricultural Show Society


The BIG Debate: Has the industry eaten itself?

This year’s satirical ending to the conference will see the motion put forward by Nick Morgan and contested by Liz Madden. At the end of the session both live and digital delegates will be encouraged to vote ‘for’ or ‘against’ the motion.

  • Nick Morgan, We Are The Fair
  • Liz Madden, No Nonsense Group
  • Carol Whitehead (MC)


President Thank you and Close

  • Tom Clements, NOEA President



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