The NOEA Convention and AGM 2020

NOEA  The Virtual Convention: Past, Present & Future

This year’s NOEA Annual General Meeting & Convention will embrace conversations around the industry – Past, Present and Future -. The discussions will take place a series of informal ‘Chatrooms’ that allow delegates to speak in an open and relaxed environment with their peers.

The AGM itself will be open only to NOEA members but will be followed by Chatrooms on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the week, culminating in a ‘virtual drink’ for everyone involved.

Monday 16th November

Chat room will focus on the past and will look back on what has been a been a horrible past six months for the industry, and to take learnings from it.

Wednesday 18th November

The Present and will involve a discussion around Local Authorities and Licencing.

Friday 20th November

The Future – Chatroom will offer the chance for delegates to look to the future, taking inspiration from those events that have managed to find some success over the period and into 2021. NOEA is also inviting the industry to share in a communal toast to see off the past 12 months and look more positively to 2021.


16th November: AGM & Day One Chatroom: PAST
10am AGM – paid up members only
·       Welcome President: Tom Clements

·       Followed by regular AGM proceedings

10.50am Comfort Break
11.00am Day One Chat Room: PAST
·       Chance to review 2020

·       Room hosts facilitate discussions

·       Questions for consideration

o   What level of damage are we talking as opposed to e.g. Food & Mouth, Financial Crash etc.?

o   Which parts of the industry has most been affected?

o   What sort of fiscal / personal damage has been done?

o   What have we learnt?

11.45 Close
18th November: Day Two Chatroom: PRESENT
10.00am Local Authority Discussion
·       Phil Day, Lacey’s Solicitors

·       Andrew McNicholl, Liverpool City Council

10.20am Break out into Chatrooms

·       Room hosts facilitate discussions

11.00am Review

·       Room hosts to feedback specific questions to Andrew / Phil for further discussion

11.15am Close
20th November: Day Three Chatroom: FUTURE
2.00pm Looking to 2020

·       The Audience of 2021

o   Risk and liability – passing on to the person

o   Ticket Costs and commerciality

o   Sustainability

·       Rick Bates, Formula E

·       Iona Nielsen, Formula E

2.20pm Break out into Chatrooms

·       Room hosts facilitate discussions

3.00pm Review

·       Room to feedback specific questions to Rick / Iona for further discussion

3.15pm ‘Virtual Drink’

·       Sign off from President Tom Clements

3.20pm Close

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