2024 is the year you can attend an industry leading immersive Control Room Operations Management course.

As experienced event professionals who run a range of Control Rooms across UK and Global events, we have harnessed our passion and knowledge of efficient and effective control room management into a two-day, fully immersive Control Room Operations Management Course.

People are the key success factor in a control room; this course is aimed at anyone working in an Event Control Room who needs to understand the command-andcontrol elements of events and incident management. Roles may include:

  • Event Directors
  • Event Managers
  • Control Room Operators
  • Stakeholders who operate in Event Liaison Teams
  • Suppliers and freelancers working in event control rooms

The training delivery team have practical experience over thousands of hours of Control Rooms operations and incidents; the course will support trainee’s development of skills, knowledge and competencies in designing, managing and working in control rooms.

Expert content:

There will be pre-course learning to ensure all attendees get the most out of this Continued Professional Development (CPD) accredited course, alongside a course workbook to ensure the learning can be incorporated into control room planning. Knowledge sessions include a mix of relevant theory and standards, with case studies and practical elements.

Exercise Simulation

The course includes a live exercise with simulated, credible scenarios via radio and on-screen, with trainees managing and operating their Control Room. Attendees will assume Control Room roles within an event-time incident management structure to put their knowledge to the test.

The Control Room Operations Management Course is being delivered in London and Birmingham; for further information and to enquire about dates please visit www.controlledevents.com/readiness/CROM Should your organisation have 10 or more attendees, we can deliver the course in-house, tailored to your events and experience on a bespoke basis.