May 2020


The outdoor events industry has suffered one of the biggest traumas in its history, eclipsing both the global financial crisis of 2008 and the Foot & Mouth outbreak of 2001. What is more, this trauma is far from over.


As your industry’s association, NOEA has been working tirelessly to support you and the rest of the outdoor events industry; linking our sector with others that share our plight; representing us in front of government; and sharing information up and down these lines of communication, so that businesses can take confident and decisive action during a time when no one really feels confident or decisive.


While the situation is constantly changing, the initial shock of Covid-19 is over and we are now all collectively looking at our options for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. As an association, we’re looking at ways to support you. These initiatives address three areas; our annual convention, our annual awards, and your membership fees.


Annual Convention (November)

We have taken the decision to change the format of the NOEA Annual Convention 2020. The event will still take place as the need for information, opinion and the chance to engage with others in the industry, has never been more important. However, we are looking to create it half live and half digital.

The event will be three days in total, two days of live streamed content, with the third delivered both live and streamed. The theme of the convention will be ‘RE-BOOT’, with content focusing on three main ‘streams’ :

  • RE-STORE: re-learning the basics of event management for those that have lost teams and need to go ‘back to the floor’
  • RE-FLECT: a chance to look back on the pandemic and understand what we can learn going forward
  • RE-START: a series of sessions focused on creating new businesses, new events and new ideas


This format will bring down the cost of attendance for delegates and there will be more price flexibility with ‘attendees’ able to buy just one session, or a series of sessions on a specific topic. We’ll let you know more about this in the months to come.



Annual Awards (November)

Similar to the convention, we have decided to change the format of the awards for this year. The reality is that no one is really interested in celebrating right now. What we do want to do though is recognise the massive contributions of individuals and businesses during this time. We continue to see inspiring examples of this industry giving itself to support others, and we feel it fitting that these people are recognised.

For this reason, please do continue to share these examples, we read each one, they are of great use when we talk to government, and it allows us to build a library up for reflection at the end of the year.


Membership Renewals

NOEA Membership renewals are scheduled to go out in July, the timing of which is far from ideal. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few initiatives that we hope will mean you can still be a NOEA member despite these pressing times, and gain value from the work we are doing.

The following are areas we feel will help our members, but if you have any ideas on how we can loosen this burden, do let us know. We are in unprecedented times, and want to help as much as we can, while still protecting the long-term future of NOEA:

  • Monthly direct debit payment: this means you can spread the cost of membership over the year, and make it a little easier on your personal / business finances
  • Complimentary sessions at convention: this year’s NOEA convention will have some free of charge sessions for members
  • Deferred payment: we’re trying to offer those most in need flexibility on payments, if you want to discuss this further speak to us and we can discuss payment options
  • Hold of membership fees: the council have agreed to keep fees at the same level as they were last year


We hope the above shows that we continue to fight for the industry, but are also doing our best to work with our members and try and make a little difference during such a difficult time for us all.


If you have any questions on any of this, do let us know, we’ll try and help wherever we can.


Stay safe and healthy,


Tom Clements, President