Over the weekend the team at Visions Group have been working locally at Reading School providing pop-up temporary accommodation booths and operational support services to the NHS staff village been offered on the school grounds from the Royal Berkshire Hospital to workers who are unable to go home.
From an initial site visit that took place at 3 pm last Thursday, the team responded quickly and have installed wi-fi, power and lighting across the village and have pulled on event industry contacts and appointed national temporary accommodation provider Caboose and Co along with local catering, cleaning and linen suppliers which will be managed as part of the project.
The staff village includes 40 accommodation booths and a catering facility within a marquee where refreshments and breakfasts/snacks will be available so that staff can have some wholesome food before or at the end of their shift. There is also a pop-up supermarket opening over the next few days so staff can purchase consumables too. The wi-fi is password protected and security enabled, which allows everybody to remain connected 24/7.
Sarah Hamilton, Visions Group – Project Manager commented: “We are committed to offering the best possible service to the Royal Berkshire Hospital during this challenging time and our team and our appointed suppliers have the right skill set to be able to respond in a very short space of time to ensure that NHS staff are well looked after as they continue their fight in battling against the coronavirus pandemic.”
Steve McManus, CEO – Royal Berkshire Hospital said: “The team have done an amazing job with all 40 accommodation units now in place.”
Chris Norman, CEO – Visions added: “Our depot is located less than one mile away from the hospital and Reading school and we are immensely proud to have been awarded this contract supporting local community key workers at this crucial time as they continue to work tirelessly helping people fighting against this virus.”
Visions have indepth experience of working within the emergency services and other authorities and have delivered bespoke contingency and resilience solutions to a number of projects including other NHS Trusts and organisations enabling them to withstand potentially adverse situations.