“Representatives from festivals, security companies and welfare teams attended the first training day looking at sexual assault and events. TTK Welfare in association with PARCS (Portsmouth Abuse & Rape Counselling Service) has hosted the training da,: “Addressing Sexual Assault in relation to Festivals and Outdoor Events”. The day was aimed at those who manage within festivals and events with the idea of promoting a safe event environment where the idea of consent is embraced and encouraged.

It was a chance meeting a exactly a year ago when Gemma Green of PARCS was participating in a display in Guildhall Square, Portsmouth to highlight Sexual Abuse Awareness week and Linda Krawecke, Manager of TTK Welfare passed by. They began chatting about the campaign to raise awareness within festivals and continued to communicate leading to the training course that Gemma delivered.

Delegates from TTK Welfare, Boomtown Fair, Vespasian Security and others participated in lively, interactive discussions and exercises that highlighted the need for all agencies on an event site to work together to ensure that attendees can enjoy themselves in a setting that promotes respect for each other while also able to best support those who may have experienced assault.

“It started as an idea to give better tools to our welfare team when they are called on to support victims on sites” said Linda, “but as the idea grew, it became obvious that all agencies involved with the safety and wellbeing of attendees need to be on the same page. That’s why I was thrilled to have representatives from some of the country’s top festivals as well as a leading security firm among the delegates. We learned from each other”

Gemma has stated, “PARCS believe that a pro-active, community based approach is needed to prevent sexual violence and for 36 years we have been out working with the local communities offering information, providing support and listening to what the concerns are. We are delighted to be working with Linda and TTK Welfare on this project and alongside Vespasian Security and Boomtown event organisers, and their ongoing commitment to creating an event space inclusive and as safe as possible for everyone.”
If you are interested in attending a training day or arranging a training for your team contact Linda Krawecke: info@tigertea.net of Gemma Green: Gemma.Green@parcs.org.uk