Redwood Event Solutions has been awarded the contract to deliver operations and safety for the inaugural RunFestRun event taking place this summer.

Redwood will work closely with Wireless Events, to help shape the first RunFestRun which will offer running challenges alongside a music stage and family entertainment at Bowood House at the end of May.

Being brought on board at the initial concept of the event, Redwood conducted a feasibility report for the proposed event site which considered various elements and gave a clear picture for Redwood’s client to base their final venue decision.

Now in full planning mode, Team Redwood will deliver all safety requirements pre-event and on site for the three-day festival. Safety considerations not only have to consider the more typical festival elements but also the unique addition of the running challenges that will be taking place across the weekend.

From family fun runs to half marathons, those visiting the festival will be able to enter different running challenges over the weekend. Redwood will work closely with the race management team to ensure the routes are carefully planned and will offer safe and fun challenges for the event.

The event will take place at Bowood House, a venue that Redwood has previous experience working at, which helps to streamline the operations. As part of the operations role, Redwood will manage and deliver all procurement, all production schedules, work with the external partners and Bowood House team to create the blueprint for this inaugural event.

Jim Davey, managing director of Redwood Event Solutions said, “This is an exciting new event and one that ticks all Redwood’s boxes, we’ve collaborated with clients to create family focused and fun events in the past including CarFest and the Pub in the Park series, so we’re super excited to be brought in for a new event in its first year. The concept is great, the backdrop of Bowood House is simply stunning – it’s going to be an amazing event!”

Wireless Events, Operations Director, Neil Levene commented, “When it comes to developing new events, Redwood is integral from an operations and safety point of view. The team’s experience in helping to create events and previous experience at Bowood House has been invaluable.”


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