Professional Firework Display company gets creative in their#strivetosurvive

NOEA member Fully Fused Fireworks gets creative!
Without any income since lockdown began in March a Roxton based professional firework display
company has launched HEX Fireworks, an online retail firework store. In normal circumstances
selling consumer firework products to the general public would be a logical step for a company
usually involved in the pyrotechnic and events industry, but HEX Fireworks Ltd have taken it one step
further. Alongside selling display and garden fireworks, they have really aimed for the stars to
achieve their objective of keeping afloat in these COVID-19 compromised times.
They recognised that fireworks are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. So now they
have branched out, in what they have tagged their #strivetosurvive. They are selling merchandise;
hoodies, water bottles, tote bags and mugs as well as some flavoursome coffee. The team at HEX
Fireworks are asking people to support them this year so that they can put on the professional
displays we all know and love next year.
“The events industry has been hit particularly hard by COVID-19. We thought the pandemic may
affect our summer 2020 displays, but it has in fact hit our peak times of November and New Year’s
Eve as well. Currently we don’t yet have a restart date for 2021 either. We really need people to
support HEX Fireworks through 2020 so that we can put on professional displays from next year. We
love going out and putting on a show. I’ve been firing shows for celebratory and community events
for over 40 years and still get a thrill from seeing the audience reaction; however, we need people to
step up to be one of our HEX Heroes this year and help to see us through. “ Cliff Stonestreet –
Company Director
During 2019 the display side of the business put on nearly 300 professional firework displays. During
2020 this looks likely to have fallen to 6, and even these aren’t guaranteed at the time of going to