The Annual Convention for the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) will feature a set piece issues management workshop that will see a live scenario presented to the delegation. The scenario will not be pre-agreed, and will test attendee’s ability to think under pressure, aiding decision making and understanding on how to handle major issues should they encounter a real-life situation.

The session has been created by ACT (National) Ltd, a Futures Supporter of NOEA, in partnership with Bev Osborne, from Training 4 Resilience, with the key learning of the session focused on decision making when under pressure. The workshop will be the centre piece of the convention, which will cover the theme ’It Could Never Happen to Me’ and that is intended to create a safe environment for delegates to share their own experiences, both good and bad.

Bev comments, “When a crisis or emergency event occurs, a number of decisions will need to be made – often very quickly, without the benefit of having all of the information that you would like to know.” The first part of the workshop will take a light-hearted look at a crisis event, and consider different options at each stage of the scenario. Having explored the importance of evaluating options, and considering the consequences of decisions, the second part of the workshop will bring people together in groups to determine a range of different courses of action

The session, as with the rest of the convention, will allow guests at the convention to share their own real world experiences, but also to apply them to a fake scenario, and to look at ways this experience can be applied.

Also speaking at the convention will be Dick Tee, Enteetainment, Simon Hughes, industry consultant, and Becky Stevens, Hybred Events, all speaking about their own stories, and lending their experience to the group. The event will also see representatives from Operation Gothic and the wider police force, present to the delegation and contribute to the other sessions of the conference.

The NOEA Convention & Awards will take place in Bath, 21st November, with the day convention taking place at The Guildhall, and the evening Awards in the Pump Rooms. Tickets to the event are still available from .