The National Outdoor Events Association is partnering with the UK’s leading supermarkets, and their suppliers, to support the #FeedtheNation campaign. The initative has been developed to help the country cope with the huge increase in demand for ‘essential workers’ in the food supply sector following the Coronavirus outbreak.

Thousands of workers are urgently required to support supermarkets and other food retailers and to keep the food supply chain moving. Now, thanks to a new campaign, #FeedtheNation – launched by Staffline Recruitment, the UK’s largest recruitment company, and PeoplePlus, the leading adult training provider, with their partners the UK’s major supermarket retailers and food supply-chain operators – workers from sectors badly impacted by Covid-19 now have the ability to transition quickly to these new roles.

Supermarkets and employers in food supply, retail and delivery are keen to recruit workers from the events, travel and tourism sectors in particular – as customer service and operational skills are a common feature of the thousands of roles available to be filled. The #FeedtheNation service offers interested candidates direct-to-interview opportunities or via a government-funded two-day orientation course which is free to candidates.

Tom Clements, President, NOEA said
“A lot of the work we’ve been doing within the sector has been about trying to get event professionals, and their many skills, relocated to new jobs and briefs in vertical sectors. This is a fine initiative and allows the events community to support another industry, in a way that benefits everyone.”
PeoplePlus Group Managing Director, Simon Rouse said
“It’s only right that we provide every assistance for those whose jobs have been lost or are at risk through absolutely no fault of their own. At the same time, we have all seen the alarming pictures on our TV screens and social feeds of empty supermarket shelves, meaning that we
have literally had to re-define of what we think of as ‘essential services’ in this time of national crisis.

The #FeedtheNation campaign seeks to tackle both these issues at the same time: bringing highly motivated workers together with employers who are struggling to keep pace with the demand for their ‘essential services’, ensuring that the empty shelves, queues and rationing of basic produce that we have seen in recent days become a ‘point-in-time’ feature of the crisis rather than a chronic and worsening symptom”.

Anyone wishing to know more or to apply for one of the thousands of vacancies can visit