Good afternoon,

Up until yesterday, we had a growing sense of optimism that 18 months of not being able to work would come to an end later this summer. The figures appear to be heading in the right direction, the vaccination roll out seems to be going very well, the positive news about allowing fans into Hampden in June and even some promising news from The Edinburgh Festival. Coupled with the ongoing testing of events down south with no social distancing whatsoever, there seemed light at the end of the tunnel.

So it came as a bit of a bombshell yesterday when we read that music festivals could not (viably) take place, even in Level 0.

A maximum number of 1,000 spectators at an outdoor event / festival in Level 0.

Unfortunately, that’s the death knell for our two main events – Party at The Palace 7th and 8th August in Linlithgow and Party at The Park in Perth 2 weeks later. Having spoken to other festival organisers today, it probably means that every other festival and outdoor event in Scotland this year will also be cancelled.

On Monday, we’d been preparing the announcement of a major new headliner and expanding both events to 3 days. Yesterday, we started to drafting our cancellation notice and we’re absolutely gutted. Gutted personally but just as disappointed for all our contractors, staff, the artists we had performing – particularly the young bands playing a festival for the first time – and of course for our customers.

So before we hit the CANCEL button, are you able to offer us – and the rest of our industry – any hope whatsoever? Is there an indicative date for a level -1? Is that such a thing? Currently, the UK guidance is for events to return in England from June 21st and any kind of indicative dates would at least allow us to continue for now with our fingers tightly crossed.

We appreciate how incredibly difficult this pandemic has been and the work you have put in to keeping us safe. We also recognise that almost every sector of industry and the economy are all asking to be first in the queue. We recognise that we’re near the back but please don’t forget about us.

Any response you can give will be shared with our colleagues at other events.


Many thanks,

John Richardson

Event Director – Party At The Palace Ltd and Party At The Park Festival Ltd