Fully Fused Fireworks, the UK’s renowned firework display company, is embarking on a thrilling journey to Australia. At the end of May, they will proudly represent the UK in the prestigious SeaFire international fireworks competition in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, showcasing their unique blend of British artistry and international fireworks expertise.

Managing Director Cliff Stonestreet and Display Manager Jack Cottam will lead the team preparing the show, which is fired from barges set offshore to provide the anticipated audience of over 150,000 with the most spectacular views of the show.

Fully Fused Managing Director Cliff Stonestreet said: “We received the call at the beginning of April to ask if we’d like to represent the UK at the annual SeaFire competition. As you can imagine, we were all very keen to make it happen but needed to make sure all our UK events were still covered. Our display manager, Jack Cottam, has designed a show based on music by UK artists. The show, which has a 10-minute duration, includes tracks by artists such as Queen, Fatboy Slim, George Ezra, Calvin Harris and Elton John.

“Working on the other side of the world makes planning a challenge but, fortunately, major display companies in Australia use the same control system as we do. This control system, ‘FireOne’, is used to fire the biggest shows seen, such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, London New Year’s Eve, and the Olympic Games.

“The Fully Fused Fireworks show uses the full range of available effects, including huge canopies of stars, strobes, star mines, and comets from ground level. Larger calibre mines and Roman candles complement these to maintain continuity throughout the display.”

The show starts at 4 am UK time on 1 June, but the company’s UK team will be up cheering the team on and hoping for a positive result shortly after the judging.

With a legacy spanning over 27 years, Fully Fused Fireworks is a name synonymous with excellence in the fireworks industry. Their senior team has been meticulously assembled from various companies, ensuring the delivery of exquisite shows. Their deep-rooted involvement in the industry equips them with a vast knowledge of suppliers’ effects, techniques, and quality worldwide, enabling a continuous improvement in their products’ sustainability and across all environmental aspects.

Low-noise displays, lasers, and flames have been part of the company’s repertoire for more than 30 years, and now they are adding drones where cost and environmental impact make them viable.

With a proven track record and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Fully Fused Fireworks consistently inspires confidence and trust and delivers above expectations.