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Event audiences needs and preferences are changing, and event designers need to change too.  Gone are the days of repetitive formats, bland food, and a sea of unrecyclable collateral! Attention spans are short, expectations are high, and people want to have multiple engagement options. Event designers need to explore new ways of creating experiences that meet the needs of an increasingly demanding audience.

That’s where EXPERIENCEit can help.

EXPERIENCEit, brought to you by EVENTIT Exhibitions is an exciting new initiative designed to create new opportunities for events industry innovation. The mission is first and foremost to build community, bringing the industry together, to share, learn, collaborate, and showcase solutions. It aims to support the growing and robust community who design and deliver creative business, hospitality, retail, sports, and entertainment event experiences.

This year long initiative launches with a LinkedIn community group, led by industry experts, created to stimulate discussions around issues like Emerging Technology, Creating Memorable Experiences and Driving Sustainability. Conversations that will help to curate the content for an in-person event where instead of a line-up of speakers preaching, and in some cases selling to attendees, EXPERIENCEit will instead host collaborative campfire sessions aimed at delivering more solution-based outcomes for those at the sharp end of event design and delivery.

Judith Wilson, Director of EXPERIENCEit said ‘When we then open the doors at the iconic EICC in February we will be welcoming a community of professionals keen to meet in person to continue their conversations and explore together who and what can help elevate their events to more memorable experiences’.

EXPERIENCEit will be alive with chat, interactive games, facilitated networking groups, street food, entertainment and most of all people ready to share their knowledge and seek ways of supporting the event community grow in a sustainable, profitable and collaborative way.

And as the chatter in the room fades and everyone wynds their way home to all corners of the country they will do so in the knowledge that this is just the start of exciting things to come. The community will continue to grow, to converse online and in-person, to share ideas, best practice and be there to support their fellow event professionals whatever their challenges going forward.

If you want to be part of this community contact