– NOEA Gives Support Behind New Association –

The Event Medical Association, a new body representing medical providers working within the events industry, launched today at The Showman’s Show.

The organisation, whose creation has been supported by the National Outdoor Event Association (NOEA), aims to promote improved and more coherent working practices within the event medicine sector, and to address incoming governance that will regulate the medical treatment of attendees at events.

The associations core objectives are:

  • To promote the highest standards of medical care at outdoor events
  • To encourage and support good clinical and corporate governance
  • To encourage and support continued development of staff and volunteers, and the maintenance of their qualifications and competencies
  • To share experience and good practice and provide mutual support
  • To provide a forum for discussion and debate amongst event medical providers
  • To represent the event medical sector and actively promote its good standing

Talking on the launch, one of the Event Medical Association’s co-founders, Dr Chris Howes, commented, “This is a vision that has been a long time in the planning. There is a huge demand for what we’re trying to do, and I can’t thank NOEA and The Showman’s Show enough for giving us the support and the platform we need to get it out into the industry.”

“This is exactly the sort of thing we want to be doing within the industry,” commented Johnny Lance, Event Director, The Showman’s Show. “This is an area that needs representation and, through our close partnership with NOEA, we’ve been able to help set them up and provide a launch platform for something that is entirely positive for the industry.”