17th March 2020

Following on from the Prime Minister’s statement last night re advice to ‘limit social gatherings’ and ‘pull back on support of major gatherings’

NOEA are asking members to support questioning to government around the following areas and we would appreciate your help:

• Clarity on insurance and compensation
• Should Local Authorities enforce this guidance by refusing licences and landowner permission on grounds of public safety?
• Clarity on what constitutes a mass gathering
• How long these measures are expected to last – any modelling from other countries who are now reopening some public events
• What compensation (if any) will be available to event companies
• Are there any support schemes to help with retaining staff as currently many companies will need to make redundancies?
• What financial support is being arranged for those in the events business
• Clear direction and process for access to funds

If you can, please take the time to click on the link below and submit any / all of the questions above that you think most relevant to your business and the wider events community


The above areas will also be raised directly with government through our partners at the Business Visits & Events Partnership and the Events Industry Board.

We also have access to some of the main spokespeople being used by media to represent the industry, these people consist of our colleagues in the media as well as our partner associations above. Again, the areas of concern will be passed onto them as part of their messaging to media

The NOEA executive will address this constantly evolving issue and advise members on action that could support the events industry. Please keep sending us your thoughts / concerns so these can be taken into consideration as part of an industry wide response