Site Event, leaders in supplying welfare and sanitation to the events industry, are excited to announce the launch of their mobile app INDICATE, to manage vacuum pod toilets at large scale events!

Site Event’s new mobile app INDICATE has been designed to be used alongside our 3 & 6 Bay Vacuum Pods. The INDICATE app offers a full overview of toilet sanitation for large scale events. It boasts the technology to allow for queue optimisation, tank monitoring, fast response times and safeguarding to attendees.

INDICATE also offers post-event reports, highlighting efficiencies to be made for an improved customer experience. This offers a perfect breakdown to see how your welfare and sanitation can be improved at the next event. Key benefits are;

  1. Reduction in queuing with higher cubicle utilisation rates.
  2. Cleaner counter, you can set a counter to any limit which will send an alert for the toilet to be cleaned after a certain amount of uses.
  3. Cubicle alarm, if a cubicle has been occupied for 30 minutes or any set amount of time, this can be set up as an alarm to notify someone might be asleep in the toilet.
  4. Pump alarms, if there are any faults with the pumping stations this will notify us straight away, and we can deal with the issues either remotely or send an engineer down to fix.

Sales Director Adam Gilbert, who helped develop this revolutionary app, remarks “INDICATE is the UK’s first mobile application for event sanitation. It is an innovative system for our range of hygienic freshwater flush vacuum toilets which shows in real time how many toilets are in use at any one time. The application can provide counters for cleaners to tell them how many times a cubicle has been used and therefore the frequency of cleaning can be scheduled according to the usage of the toilets, not just guess work.  My favourite part is the bright green and red LED lights which clearly show which cubicles are in use from afar, which I have seen first-hand dramatically reduces queueing time as the toilets are used to their maximum capacity. “

The INDICATE app is currently in use on long term hires across the UK, with our 3 and 6 bay vacuum toilet pods. Site Event looks forward to rolling out across major events this summer.

If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact myself on 01256 384 134 or email

Site Event are a portable toilet, welfare and accommodation company with 3 depots across the South of England.