BVEP (Business Visits & Events Partnership)

NOEA is a proactive and critical member of Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP). As an association we work collaboratively with other bodies representing every event from trade exhibitions, congresses and our own outdoor events industry.

Our partnership with the association gives us the chance to input, and gain new intelligence, on Government policy, shared learning and updates across the wider events industry, and anecdotal insight from the other member associations. These include the EIA (Events Industry Alliance), ILEA (International Live Events Association), as well as destination organizations such as to London and Partners, VisitScotland and Meet in Ireland.

This year, our partnership with the BVEP has proved invaluable as we have been party to large amounts of insight and information from across the industry, and been able to dissect and pass on what we feel relevant to members.

BVEP’s mission is to support growth across the entire sector via advocacy, networking, collaboration and a collective voice.

BVEP’s objectives are to:

  1. operate an umbrella organisation to represent, promote and further the interest of member organisations involved in the United Kingdom Events Industry;
  2. advance the interests, standing, quality, sustainability and growth of the United Kingdom Events’ Industry;
  3. seek greater collaboration across the Events’ Industry sectors on common issues;
  4. forge close links with Government departments, including devolved Governments where possible via Representation, that can influence favourable policies towards the Industry. In particular, maintain strong relationships with key sponsoring departments, DCMS, DIT and BEIS;
  5. seek a stronger link with the Creative Industries and other related sectors;
  6. encourage joint events;
  7. increase the focus on professionalism and skills development.

BVEP has also taken the role of leading the ‘One industry, One voice’ campaign who’s mission is to ensure the events industry is not forgotten.

It has also led on the reforming of the APPG being chaired by The Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP, Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet.

A key role NOEA undertake within BVEP is to ensure the outdoor sector is included in any compilation of sector valuations or evidence being sent to Government.

Susan Tanner sits on the BVEP committee and Nick Morgan who sits on NOEA council is also a Vice Chair of BVEP.

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