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Stuart Weitzman boutique shoes boots 5050 classic hot-selling worldwide, has sold one million pairs, even Hollywood actress Emma. Stone put it down. Brand was first held in Taiwan, "5050 Made To Order" ordered activity, today (21 May) held in Taipei Regent Collectibles until the 24th, then will go to SOGO revival Hall, Taichung Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and other places. Limited Brands offers 29 kinds of materials, such as glossy suede, plaid Stuart Weitzman 5050 wool, crocodile embossed, the price ranging from 34,800 to 49,800 yuan; another shows a pair of field over ten thousand Swarovski crystal to create a leopard boots grain section 5050, asking 270,000 yuan, can be ordered. michael kors outlet cheap michael kors