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In each category the judges will be looking for evidence of success and innovation as well as the commercial viability of products and services with the aim of finding those who show genuine leadership in their sector.

Independent Judges are selected from the industry and will shortlist three candidates and the winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on November 22nd at the Roman Baths and Pump Room, Bath.

Deadline for nominations is 11th Septemeber 2017.

Those shortlisted in each category will be offered up to two half price tickets for the awards dinner in Bath on 22nd November.

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Event Innovation of the Year Award - Awarded for the provision of a new product, service or concept that will help the industry to solve problems and go forward safely and profitably.
Small Event of the Year Award - An award that gives recognition to the good work done by event organisers staging smaller events. Audience attendance of under 2000 person or with a local community focus.
Production Partnership Year Award - An award to those who have demonstrated excellence in partnership working between individuals and companies in the delivery of an exceptional event. Two partners are to be nominated for this award.
Best Practice Award - Awarded to the best overall promoter or event organiser who fulfil criteria for managing well organised, safe events satisfactorily, through their professionalism and overall knowledge or the requirements of the Industry.
Event Organiser of the Year Award - Open to the individuals, companies and local authorities who provide first class facilities and visitor satisfaction at their events.
Event of the Year Award - Gives recognition of those events who have achieved the highest level of excellence or have made a major contribution to the professionalism of the Industry.
Event Supplier of the Year - Open to individuals and companies who supply first class products/equipment/entertainment etc to those within the Events Industry.
The NOEA Scotland tribute award - Gives recognition to those events that have achieved the highest level of excellence or have made a major contribution to the professionalism of the Industry in Scotland.
Sporting Event of the Year Award - Open to any event involving a sporting activity whether it is a participating or spectator event
Small Festival of the Year Award - For any event that attracts less than 5,000 attendees
Large Festival of the Year Award - For any festival that attracts 5,000 attendees or more
Caterer of the Year Award - For any in house or external caterers or outside caterer of any size or type
PR Campaign of the Year Award - For organisers who can show an exemplary PR strategy for an outdoor event
Sponsorship Campaign of the Year Award - For to organisers who can show an excellent use of sponsorship at an outdoor event
Technological Innovation of the Year Award - Open to events that show technological innovations or demonstrate how technology has been beneficial for the success of an outdoor event.
Student Event of the Year Award - For any outdoor event organised by students, either individually or as a group/team.
Medical Provider of the Year Award - For any type of medical provider who have excelled at an outdoor event.
Event Team of the Year Award - For the best proactive and effective event team working on an outdoor event.
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