Application for Membership

In accordance with the New Constitution, the following categories and rates of membership are:
  • Full Member £185.00 + VAT
  • Student £25/£15* inclusive of VAT

* If the student is studying at an institute that is a Full Member of NOEA, the membership fee is reduced to £15 (inc.VAT)

There is an additional Joining Fee of £20.00 plus VAT for Full Members.

Please complete the online application form below.

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Authority etc:
Company Reg No.
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Post Code:
Nominated Representative (including title Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms):
Contact Name 1 :
Email Address 1:
Contact Name 2:
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Email Address 2:
Tel No:
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Brief description of business:
Please list outdoor events you have worked on or have been contracted to. If you were sub contracted please detail the company.

Please select your classifications.

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Classification 1:
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Classification 3:
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Membership Subscription Type:

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(Please contact NOEA if you wish to clarify your category of subscription)

Full Membership Annual Subscription
£185.00 + £20.00 joining Fee + VAT = £246.00
Full Members include Local Authorities, Event Management Companies, Promoters, Organisations, Show Organisers, Suppliers of Equipment & Services who are professional practitioners in the world of Outdoor Events. Members are required to adopt the NOEA Code of Professional Practice, full voting rights, may place letters MNOEA after their name and utilise the logotype on Publicity material.
Student Member
Student Members studying at an institute that is a Full Member of NOEA, the membership fee is reduced to £15 (inc.VAT)
Student No:
PAYMENT OPTIONS (if application not successful monies will be refunded)
Please complete the Standing Order Form
Invoice will be raised once payment received. Contact NOEA if you need an invoice in advance.
Cheque made payable to NOEA
Online Payment via Paypal
(The payment page will appear on the next page after you have submitted your details)
BACS Payment

BACS details are:
Sort Code 30 92 99
Account 00402047

Lloyds TSB
Account National Outdoor Events Association

Please give the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two trade references in respect of your application form as follows:- (except for Local Authorities)

Referees should be events you have directly worked for or supplied. If a sub contractor please put the company you worked for and the event as your referee.

Referee 1:
Tel No:
Email Address:
Referee 2:
Tel No:
Email Address:
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